Band Parent FAQ

Q: I'm new here, what exactly is a booster?
A: A booster - in this case, a Cavalier Band Booster - is a parent/guardian of a student currently enrolled in the Cavalier Band.

Q: What exactly do boosters do?
A: Boosters provide support to the band program in the form of volunteer time and money; both of these aspects are extremely important! Without volunteers, we cannot raise the necessary funds to support the Cavalier Band program or provide physical assistance in the form of uniform fittings, equipment moving, feeding the band, etc.

Q: When and where do you need my help?
A: The short answer is now and everywhere! Our volunteer coordinators can help you find your niche so that your time and talents have the greatest impact on our program.

Q: Why do we do this?
A: We do this to support our band students and staff. While they are perfecting their marching shows and concert music, boosters are behind the scenes raising the funds necessary to provide everything they need. We are also fitting uniforms, ordering meals, driving trucks and chaperoning trips. It is a group effort and we need you to make it happen!

Q: Where does all of the fundraising money go?
A: Each year, the Cavalier Band Boosters raises thousands of dollars for things marching shows, summer band instructors, color guard expenses, new instruments and equipment, and travel expenses like trailer upkeep and insurance costs. We know that fundraising isn’t everyone’s favorite activity, but it truly is necessary to allow our band to maintain its current level of performance and success.